A wave while wading at Gulfport, Mississippi.

Last weekend I took the second of four seminars in a new-to-me healing modality, Touch for Health. Touch for Health integrates applied kinesiology with eastern medicine and other healing philosophies and practices to create balance and harmony within the patient. It’s very gentle but effective for pain management and emotional/mental stress.ย  The techniques used include touching neurolymphatic points along the spine and ribcage, neurovascular points on the head, and acupressure points along with the traditional Chinese meridians on the body. The client remains fully clothed during the treatment process, which makes it more comfortable for those who do not wish to disrobe as in a traditional massage session. In Touch for Health, we are taught to detect imbalances in the body’s energy. Energy imbalances are often the precursor to disease and typically are causing discomfort somewhere in the body.

I’m finding Touch for Health challenging to learn, but I also feel it will be rewarding as part of my massage business in the long run. As in my main practice, my goal is to help any person feel better, from the point where they are at. This means using whatever technique or combination of techniques to relieve the current overstressed situation, whether it is in the body, mind, or spirit. I am also having the idea of Touch for Health as deeply therapeutic, because it is so very intentional and focused. Touch for Health protocol allows the client’s body to “say what it wants,” customizing the session every time.

I’ll be taking the final two Touch for Health classes later in April and early June. At the moment I am using “guinea pigs” to practice my techniques as I learn, and the treatment is free. Let me know if you want to come in for a session; it lasts about 30 to 45 minutes. www.Touch4Health.com.

In the meantime, my year of 100 recipes is full steam ahead! This week I made the most yummy, yummy dish — Vinegar-Braised Chicken with Leeks and Peas (and Mushrooms — I altered the recipe right away).ย  Creme fraiche made the sauce rich and tasty. Tarragon and parsley added just the right touch of savoriness.

This one’s a keeper!!

Number 32.




I also made these scrumptious chocolate cookies. These are so tasty and practically guilt-free, as there is not a drop of fat in them. They’re held together by whipped egg whites, but the fudgy consistency belies the lack of butter.

Number 33.





My friend Tracy had a birthday this week, so she was the lucky recipient of my luscious Italian Creme Cake.

This cake is my personal favorite of all! It’s tender and delicious — coconut and pecans in the cake, and cream cheese-pecan frosting to complement.



The massage room and kitchen are keeping me hopping like the Easter bunny this spring but I’ve still been able to make time to soak in the beauty of the lengthening days, the brilliant colors of the flowers and trees, and the thoroughly awesome night sky.