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To be honest, I’ve neglected myself for the past few months. This is almost a shameful thing to say not only because of my job as a massage therapist but also my history as the recipient of a successful bone marrow transplant in the not-too-long ago past. I know better, I really do. But sometimes the circumstances of life go out of control and off the rails you go. And off the rails I went, my awareness done gone, out hither and yon.

Fortunately, I somehow reached the enough’s enough point. Fatigue had led to mental and physical discomfort, and the cycle started moving fast. My anxiety reached a point last week where I actually started to wonder what it feels like when you have a nervous breakdown. There is no light strong enough to pierce that mantle, and I felt like my little glow was fading rapidly.

Today, I had a massage with the amazing Bee Queener. The immediate results have been enormous. When I got into my car following the session, I realized my tension was gone and my mind was clear for the first time in weeks. Settling into the post-massage bliss, I began to feel energized from within — empowered, in a way. By the time I returned to my cozy home, I knew the healing touch was reaching me at a cellular level — from my skin to my muscles, connective tissue, ligaments, tendons and circulatory system. And beyond!

I love to think of all the behind-the-scenes activity going on constantly within us — and how we can manipulate it through behaviors, treatments, or movement, for better or worse. We humans are fascinating creatures with amazing bodies but also with egos, belief systems, mental patterns, and last but not least, spirits.

The massage started with a touch to my body but it has worked its way through and affected me physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. Spiritually because the simple act of caring for myself has refreshed me so deeply I can continue on in my  healing work with and for others.

Tonight, my face is relaxed and my smile comes easily for the first time in what feels like, too long. I feel actual hope, instead of hoping to hope. My radiance is reappearing to a welcoming audience of loved ones. I’m relaxed and energized and excited about the possibilities held within each new day.

Here’s the rub: Massage has made my world shiny again. It works wonders on all levels, so when the world is getting you down – as it will – get yourself a treatment from a certified massage therapist. The results begin immediately but the residual well-being will last much longer. You can never go wrong by treating yourself right.